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You love: People, Florida, Running

We do, too! Here's your chance to combine those passions and earn money at the same time. At Flamingo Running Tours, our mission is to provide a uniquely entertaining and environmentally friendly experience that highlights South Florida's scenery and history for visitors wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle without losing that vacation feel. As a Flamingo Running Tour guide, you will have an opportunity to take your own vacation from the ordinary by seeing our fascinating locale through the eyes of our guests.

To be a Flamingo Running Tours guide, you should:

  • Possess an acute awareness of your own physical condition and running ability
  • Be able to maintain a consistent pace and situational awareness while talking
  • Have a sense of humor, a way with words, and a friendly personality
  • Be familiar with local news, events, and other points that may be of interest to visitors
  • Be reliable.

If that sounds like you, let us know why you would make an awesome Flamingo Running Tours guide. You have to feed your running addiction anyway — you might as well earn money and make someone's day while you're at it!

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